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Aki Tsukichou's Ability List

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Aki Tsukichou's Ability List

Post  Aki Tsukichou on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:06 am

Aki likes to be well-rounded in her abilities. ^^

She is fairly good at both ninjutsu and taijutsu, but her genjutsu is only a little above basic. She can break out of medium-skilled genjutsu and create simple ones, but she rarely uses them in battle.

Aki's jutsus focus mainly on the water element. She does, however, have several wind-based jutsus. One of her goals is to become able to utilize all elements.

Aki has also only started on medical training. She can only heal very minor cuts and bruises, at the moment.

Her owl (name unknown so far) has his own powers (which will be listed once he is actually found, if he even is alive. Sad )

Aki uses her body as well as her baton in taijutsu. She usually uses the basic offensive and defensive moves, but she's working on intertwining some of her ninjutsu with her taijutsu. This is what she has so far...

God's Grace- Aki forces water molecules from her environment into her baton, and when enough water is collected, she forces the water back out in a torrent towards her opponent. This skill is usually used defensively, especially when she and her opponent are locked in close combat, to free herself and to flee, if necessary.


Water clones- Self-explanatory? xD

Aqua Sanctuary- Aki collects water from her environment and swiftly creates a shield of water around herself. It is made impenetrable by sheer will so that nothing can come in... but then again, nothing can go out, either. She cannot attack something outside from inside her Aqua Sanctuary.

Pinpoint- Aki collects water from her environment, forms them into desired shapes, and launches them at her opponent. She usually makes them small so that they are easy to manage, and uses them as swift and deadly-accurate missiles. However, the water projectiles are small, and never do too much damage. Pinpoint is usually used to baffle or anger the opponent, though it can be used for other purposes, such as a chance to flee.

Navi- Navi is merely a puppet made of water in the form of a female wolf. She is very much like a water clone, but Navi is sturdier and consciously controllable. She does not have a mind of her own and is fully under the control of Aki. Navi does not have any "powers," and she attacks using purely physical moves (biting, lunging, swiping, etc.). Navi actually looks like a wolf, with tawny features and black fringes.

Aerial Waves- Aki repeatedly forces blades of air at the opponent. She can do this almost automatically, even while doing other abilities. Aerial waves never do too much damage (even though they're formed in "blades," they can't cut anything... yet.) but they do continuously buffet the opponent and may slow his/her movements and gradually wear him/her out. Aerial waves are made of wind and therefore are invisible, making it difficult for the opponent to figure out exactly what is happening.

Flow- Using the wind, Aki can fly or levitate, but only for seconds at a time.

-Medical Jutsus-
So far, Aki can only heal minor cuts and bruises. ._.;;

And that is Aki's list of abilities so far. Very Happy It's kind of small, but she's only a genin after all. :]
Aki Tsukichou

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Re: Aki Tsukichou's Ability List

Post  Midori Akuhei on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:13 am

Midori Akuhei
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Ex-Yamikage :: The insane, dead zombie chick

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Re: Aki Tsukichou's Ability List

Post  Aki Tsukichou on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:35 am


But... "good" sounds better than "good enough"! :x
Aki Tsukichou

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Re: Aki Tsukichou's Ability List

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